About EventCow.org

If you're looking for a powerful, free to use, online registration system... you've come to the right place.  EventCow.org provides all of the tools and functionality an event director needs to pull off an udderly successful event.


What Services does EventCow.org provide?

  • Affordable and Accurate Race Timing
  • Online Registration System, for collecting user registration fees by Credit Card, PayPal and eCheck
  • Manual Registration System, so that you can add anyone you want manually to your list of participants
  • Registration Statistics, to see how your event is progressing
  • Sponsor Management, for tracking sponsors and their contact information
  • Volunteer Management, to keep track of all of your event workers, and their T-Shirt sizes if applicable
  • T-Shirt Inventory System, for keeping track of the number of shirts you have available, and how many you will need to order
  • Results Hosting, for events that require post-event results (5K, Marathon, etc...)
  • Powerful Event Desktop Software, for when you need to take your event off the cloud. By the way... it is Free.

And best of all... all of this is saved off on the cloud.  So you'll be able to manage your event from anywhere, and trust in us to keep your event information safe and secure.


Seriously though... What does this cost?

Event directors never incur any out of pocket cost.  This whole system works by taking the commission approach to registrations.  EventCow.org will take $1 out of every registration to cover the cost of doing business.  If that seems high, keep in mind that it doesn't matter if your event is ten dollars or 10,000 dollars, we never charge any more or less.  On top of that, we turn that dollar around and every quarter, we give a quarter of our earnings to charity.  Seriously, 25% of everything we take in, directly off the top, goes to charity.


You'll find our event costs to be quite reasonable as you shop around a bit for your event hosting solution.  We encourage your to look at our competitors and you'll find registrations fees starting as high as 3.99. 


Why do you give so much to charity?? Are you crazy??

Yes, we at EventCow.org are crazy.  Satisfied?  But seriously, the funny thing about giving is if you do it often enough, you don't even realize you are doing it anymore.  In addition to our monetary contributions quarterly, we also encourage all of our employees to take a two week leave of absense every year to travel to third world countries for 'refreshers'.  We like to think it recharges our batteries and helps us remember why we give so much away.


Wow, this sounds great! How do I get started?

Simply go to our homepage (www.eventcow.org) and click the Create a New Event button.  You'll be required to create an account prior to building your event.  Please keep in mind that because we work to keep our costs low, we utilize PayPal's powerful payment backend to power our registration software... this means that you will need a verified PayPal account in order to start receiving registration fees for your newly created event.


Ok Ok, I've heard enough.  Where is the beef?

The beef is right here, at EventCow.org! Moo!